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Medical Scanner


A global medical equipment manufacturer briefed Force Engineering for development of a novel drive system for a new CT scanner.


Traditional drive systems were too slow and unresponsive for the new scanner technology as well as posing maintenance and noise issues. Force Engineering's many years of experience in specialised motor design were fully utilised during the hundreds of hours development work to enable the manufacturer to achieve their desired capability.

The solution is a unique curved motor directly driving the scanner ring which removes the need for mechanical drive linkages, reducing the system complexity and cost and the space occupied by the drive unit. There is a beneficial reduction in operating noise as well as the reduction of long term maintenance requirement and costs.

LIMs give a smooth but rapid acceleration of the scanner ring reducing mechanical shock and stress on the sensitive instrumentation whilst still providing the accurate but flexible position control required to allow the quick acquisition of patient data.

The control of the LIMs comes via bespoke software from Force Engineering which seamlessly integrates into the overall control architecture, providing real-time feedback on motor performance in this sensitive operating environment. The software can be easily upgraded if new functions or increased flexibility is required.

With Force Engineering's expertise in motor design and control systems the project was able to proceed on schedule allowing the successful launch to a global market. We are engaged in a continuous development program with the customer, refining the motor design and control software to improve functionality and efficiency whilst reducing manufacturing and operating costs.

Key Benefits of Force Engineering's Linear Induction Motors to the Project

  • Reliability
  • Space saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Ease of control
  • Reduced demands on parts and maintenance bringing long term cost savings


The scanners received certification for hospital use after extensive lab and field testing and there are now hundreds of examples working in hospitals across the globe. The LIM system is the most reliable drive unit that the manufacturer has installed in their range of scanners.